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As the global oil and gas industry navigates the transition to a digital world, the Middle East Africa region are making great strides within the realm of digital transformation. Undergoing major shifts in the way business and operations are conducted, the region is in the midst of a period of transformative change which is set to revolutionise operations in the coming years.


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In the face of a rapidly evolving technological landscape, developing game changing digital solutions, re-evaluating existing operating models, and utilizing data to transform exploration efforts, have been brought to the forefront of industry discussion. As digitalisation expands its reach across the industry, bringing with it digital drilling and production technology, operational efficiency, data-driven operating models, distributed ledger solutions, and revolutionized supply chains, technology is set to provide transformative solutions to current challenges.

The Future Middle East Africa Oil & Gas: Digital Transformation Summit will consider the future of digitalised operations across the region, bringing together operators, investors and government

Sessions One and Two

Session 1 - Policy Outlook and Future Planning

This session will focus upon the latest policy developments shaping the Middle East Africa oil and gas sector. Discussion will consider government forecasts and strategies for supporting growth, investment drives, regulatory frameworks, cross-industry collaboration, and the essential role for digital technology in driving the future success of the industry.


  • 9:20 Chair Opening address
  • 9:25 Nourredine Bouterfa Minister for Energy Algeria
  • 9:50 Ould Kaddour, CEO, Sonatrach
  • 10:10 Christopher Rivinus, Digital Transformation Programme Lead, Tullow Oil
  • 10:30 Main Sponsor
  • 10:50 Q&A
  • 11:00 Coffee Break & Networking break

Session 2 - Future of Operations

As digital transformation develops across the industry, this case study led session will discuss the future of operations in the Middle East and Africa. The session will hear from NOCs and leading IOCs regarding their successful digital operations to date, alongside digital roadmaps for achieving increasingly enhanced, optimised and integrated operations moving forward.


  • 11:45 Sanjay Bakshi, Head of Digital Transformation, Shell
  • 12:05 Case Study
  • 12:25 Aidan Hancock CIO & VP Middle East, BP
  • 12:45 Case Study
  • 13:05 Q&A
  • 13:15 Lunch & Networking

Sessions Three and Four

Session 3 - Big Data and IoT

This session will focus upon utilising a combination of advanced information technology and corporate process management to streamline operations, increase oilfield recovery and maximise profitability. Discussion will consider how to effectively process large quantities of data, creating actionable opportunities out of data, the latest digital solutions for improving performance, the impact of real-time operational data upon transforming the industry, and the influence of Internet of Things (IoT) and Machine-to- Machine (M2M) technology.


  • 14:15 Chair Opening Address
  • 14:20 Big Data IoT Panel Discussion

    Ilonka Rabaland, IT Subsurface Leader, Neptune Energy

    John Caldwell, IT Director, Cairn Energy
  • 15:00 Case Study
  • 15:20 Q&A
  • 15:30 Coffee & Networking Break

Session 4 - Asset Management

As the digital evolution progresses further across the industry, disruptive technologies are also serving to influence fields such as asset management. This session will address existing digitally based approaches, using data to influence decision making, the impact of digitalisation on asset management, standardisation of processes, operational efficiency, workflow design including production optimisation & well test validation, and the possibilities for using central digital communications systems in the future. The benefits of such approaches for making operations more efficient, streamlined and profitable, alongside the potentials for cost savings will also be discussed.


  • 16:00 Case Study
  • 16:20 Jenny Rostenne, IS Asset Manager , Tullow Oil
  • 16:40 Aislinn Clarke, Upstream Oil & Gas Analyst, Wood Mackenzie
  • 17:00 Q&A
  • 17:15 Conference Finish

Sessions One and Two

Session 1 - Logistics & Supply Chain

Digitalisation provides a wealth of new solutions to optimise the supply chain. This session will consider how utilising digital technologies across the supply chain can enhance transparency, provide cost-saving solutions, aid the formation of joint ventures, improve security of shipments, and advance infrastructure to eliminate inefficiencies within the supply chain. The session will also discuss Blockchain, a distributed digital ledger, offering potentially game-changing solutions to the industry. Blockchain offers a wealth of applications for any exchange, including agreements & contracts, payments, tracking, and record keeping, with parties from across the supply chain. This session will take an in-depth look at Blockchain and its potential for implementing digitalisation across the value chain.


  • 9:25 Chair Opening Address
  • 0:00 Block Chain panel discussion

    Nick Spanos, Founder Zap Org

    Michele Nati, Lead Tech Analyst and Personal Data Lead, IOTA Foundation

    Tommy Jamet, President, Government Blockchain Association London
  • 10:10 Michael Nolan, CFO, Discover Exploration
  • 10:30 Main Sponsor
  • 10:50 Q&A
  • 11:00 Coffee & Networking Break

Session 2 - Digital Assurance, Risk Management and Cyber Security

This session will focus upon the challenges and risks posed by the transition to a digital industry. Discussion will focus upon the huge strides being taken in the field of cyber security within the region. Key themes will include protecting critical infrastructure from cyber threats, encouraging security awareness across the industry, employing digital technologies without causing risk to operations, data protection & ensuring critical information remains secure, trusting machine-driven operations, and developing robust control systems to combat cyber vulnerabilities. Attention will also be paid to remote site security, including strategies for combatting damage & thefts, through the use of remote monitoring and sensors.


  • 11:45 Case Study
  • 12:05 Mohammed Aghazal, Operations Director, Saudi Aramco
  • 12:25 Case Study
  • 12:45 Alejandro Rivas-Vásquez, Director, Head of Cyber in Energy & Infrastructure, KPMG
  • 13:05 Q&A
  • 13:15 Lunch & Networking

Sessions Three and Four

Session 3 - Technology & Innovation

This session will showcase the latest technologies emerging across the market and their impact upon the way oil and gas is produced, processed and managed. Key transformational technologies presented will include drones, additive manufacturing, and robotization. Discussion will focus in particular on the added benefits of utilizing additive manufacturing for fast prototyping, shortening the development cycle of oil & gas components, faster repairs and improved design quality. The use of drones and 3D printing for combatting infrastructure challenges will also be discussed, alongside the sophisticated data gathering, analytics and cost efficiency offered by the technology.


  • 14:15 Case Study
  • 14:35 Kris Kydd, Head of Robotics, Total
  • 15:15 OGTC Representative
  • 15:35 Q&A
  • 15:45 Coffee Break & Networking

Session 4 - Advanced Analytics and Automation

As the industry strives to become more productive, efficient, safe and reliable, the adoption of advanced analytics and automation is becoming increasingly prominent. With possibilities for improving operational processes across the oil and gas value chain, including exploration, production, processing and distribution, advanced analytics and automation systems provide a wealth of promise for the industry. This session will consider the new generation of analytics and automation which is serving to enhance operational efficiency, alongside saving time and money. Discussion will include analyzing seismic data, real-time information delivery such as well bottom communication, improving reservoir characterization and simulation, predictive maintenance requirements, increasing drilling safety & reducing drilling time, AI-based analytics for automated data processes, enhanced asset management, prescriptive analysis of runs, and improved occupation safety.


  • 16:15 Case Study
  • 16:40 Autonomous Drilling and Data Driven Drilling panel discussion

    Fredrik Tukk, Digital Innovation Architect, Maersk Drilling

    Jannicke Nilsson, COO Equinor
  • 17:10 Conference Finish


2 Day delegate ticket (550 discount) Expires 31/08

  • Single ticket price: £745.00
  • VAT @ 20%: £149.00
  • Total: £894.00

2 Day delegate ticket

  • Single ticket price: £1,295.00
  • VAT @ 20%: £259.00
  • Total: £1,554.00


All speakers are invited unless stated confirmed

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