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“ The UK Geothermal Decarbonisation Summit will focus on the opportunities for geothermal exploration in the UK. It will bring together 200+ government officials, regulators, key industry stakeholders, leading academia and service companies ”

COP26 has now taken place and an agreement has now been signed by all world leaders to stay on
track to reduce our carbon emissions to 1.5 degrees. This will consist of many different energy
resources globally depending on the country’s infrastructure and where you are situated globally.
Geothermal exploration and energy has been a part of many counties energy sources across Europe
and North America for years but with the UK only currently having 1 active geothermal well it has a
great opportunity to have geothermal as part of its energy mix to transition to net zero.

The UK Geothermal Decarbonisation Summit will be looking at the challenges and opportunities
within geothermal exploration from seismic surveys to data analysis and high drilling costs but also
what policy and regulation is needed to kick start geothermal exploration in the UK.

The UK Geothermal Decarbonisation Summit will focus on the opportunities for geothermal
exploration in the UK. It will bring together 200+ government officials, regulators, key industry stakeholders, leading academia and service companies.

Sessions One and Two

Policy & Regulation

With the UK just delivering COP26 and the all-world leaders knowing that we need to decarbonise via many different energy resources, the opportunities now for the geothermal UK has great potential. Within this session we will look at what policy and regulation is needed for deep geothermal policy regulation within the UK to ensure of a successful and safe industry. We will review policies and regulations from other countries in Europe and see how they can be implemented into the UK current energy matrix.


  • 9:25 Stuart Broadley, Chief Executive,Chairs Opening Address
  • 9:30 Nina Skorupska, Chief Executive, REA
  • 9:50 Will Humphreys, Head of Strategy & Implementation Heat & Buildings, BEIS
  • 10:10 Environment Agency
  • 10:30 Main Sponsor
  • 10:50 Q&A
  • 11:00 Lunch & Networking Break

Opportunities and challenges for geothermal operations

With only one long standing geothermal well active in the UK, this session will review the exploration opportunities and how geothermal energy can decarbonise heat and how geothermal energy can produce electricity to enhance local decarbonisation. We will look at the potential sites for geothermal production from using old oil and gas wells and coal mines as well as potential new areas for operations. We will also look at how to reduce the cost of drilling operations as the cost of drilling a well is one of the challenges holding the industry back given its lack of geological data.


  • 11:45 Ross Glover, Development Director, Igas Energy
  • 12:05 Case Study
  • 12:25 Mark Ireland, Lecturer in Energy Geosciences, Newcastle University
  • 12:45 Case Study
  • 13:05 Lunch & Networking
  • 14:05 Chairs Opening Address
  • 14:10 Ryan Law, Managing Director Geothermal Engineering
  • 14:30 Case Study
  • 14:50 Charlotte Adams, Principal Manager Mine Water Heat , Coal Authority

    "Decarbonising Heat with Disused Mines"

    The UK has over 23,000 disused coal mines formed following the extraction of 17 billion tonnes of coal over the past two centuries. The coal has long since been mined, traded and burned yet the voids that remain following its removal offer many opportunities for supplying resources.

    No longer viewed as a liability, the disused mining infrastructure is now seen as an asset of strategic national importance that could help to decarbonise heat demands whilst offering a host of other opportunities.

    This presentation will outline some of the work being undertaken by the Innovation Team at The Coal Authority with a particular focus on the mine water heat opportunity. The Coal Authority also works closely with the British Geological Survey, Durham University Durham Energy Institute, the North East Local Enterprise Partnership and many other partners on developing this innovative approach.

  • 15:10 Case Study
  • 15:30 Q&A
  • 15:40 Coffee & Networking

Session Three

Financing Operations and Economics

With a geothermal energy well having the potential to provide energy for 75 years and investors knowing they need to diversify their portfolio to renewable energy, there is reason geothermal has peaked interest from many investors. This session will review the investment that is needed for geothermal exploration and the potential returns as well as what economic benefits this can have to the local communities and the UK.


  • 15:55 Case Study
  • 16:20 Financing operations Panel Discussion

    Ross Gibbings, Head of Heat Networks Transformation Programme Management Office. Department
    for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS)

    Andrew Briggs, Sector Development and Support Manager, Stoke-on-Trent City Council
  • 16:55 End of Conference


All speakers are invited unless stated confirmed

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