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Please note: This event finished on 10 September 2020

The Peru and Ecuador Oil & Gas Summit will serve as a platform to discuss the latest developments taking place across the industry and the opportunities the countries have to offer the oil & gas sector. Encouraging increased international dialogue, partnerships for growth, and taking a strategic look at the market, the Summit will provide a forum to discuss the evolving energy scene.


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Peru and Ecuador have a deep-rooted tradition as oil producing nations, and after a period of decline, the sector has evolved into a significant contributor to economic growth. With Peru achieving economic and political stability in recent years, a stable regulatory framework in place, and proven reserves estimated at 473 million barrels of oil, 714 million barrels of liquefied natural gas, and 15 trillion cubic feet of natural gas, the country has re-emerged as a key opportunity for oil and gas development. Ecuador lays claims to the third largest oil reserves in South America at 6.5billion (bbl), and with a reformist government focussed on an investment-friendly exploration regime, and a new formal tender process in place, Ecuador is becoming a key country in the region for oil and gas opportunities.

The Peru and Ecuador Oil & Gas Summit will serve as a platform to discuss the latest developments taking place across the industry and the opportunities the countries have to offer the oil & gas sector. Encouraging increased international dialogue, partnerships for growth, and taking a strategic look at the market, the Summit will provide a forum to discuss the evolving energy scene. 

Bringing together key stakeholders from across the supply chain, including central & local government, operators, service & solution providers, academia, and investors, the summit will focus upon creating conditions for new exploration, maximising production on existing fields, building international partnerships & joint ventures, meeting changing domestic & international energy demands, attracting fresh investment, and implementing enhanced technologies across the supply chain.

Sessions One and Two

Policy & Country Outlook

With Peru and Ecuador moving out of a period of industry decline, this session will consider country outlook and the government’s energy strategy. Discussion will consider the latest policy developments shaping the future direction of the Peruvian and Ecuadorian oil and gas industries, government forecasts, joint ventures between the two countries, and expanding the domestic and global markets for oil and gas. Significant attention will be paid to Peru’s new hydrocarbons law, which holds the potential to unlock $5 billion in investment and boost crude oil production by 50,000b/d, make the sector more competitive, extend contracts for greater investment, and reduce the time required to obtain permits, alongside Ecuador’s Intracampos licensing round. Proposed restructuring of PeruPetro, including a new regulatory framework, long-term investment goals, and a more competitive Exploration & Exploitation framework, will also be discussed.


  • 9:25 Chairs opening address
  • 9:30 Francisco Ísmodes, Ministry of Energy and Mines of Peru
  • 9:50 Mr. Carlos Pérez Garcia, Minister of Energy and Non-renewable Resources in Ecuador
  • 10:10 Seferino Yesquen, President, PeruPetro
  • 10:30 Pablo Flores, CEO, EP Petroecuador
  • 10:50 Main Sponsor
  • 11:10 Q&A
  • 11:20 Coffee & Networking Break

Operators Results & Future Strategy

With a number of active operations underway in Peru & Ecuador, this session will focus upon operational performance to date. The session will look at recent developments within Peru’s Camisea field, as well as the recent offshore blocks, developments in Ecuador’s Oriente Basin, hear from the NOCs and leading IOCs regarding their results from recent operations. Future planned operations, operational challenges, strategy, investment trends, and predictions moving forward will all be addressed.


  • 11:45 Ian Cloke, EVP New Ventures, Tullow Oil
  • 12:05 Case Study
  • 12:25 Steve Crowell, CEO, Pluspetrol
  • 12:45 Case Study
  • 13:05 Q&A
  • 13:15 Lunch & Networking

Sessions Three and Four

Foreign Investment

This session will consider investment trends from both domestic and international perspectives. Emphasis will be placed upon forecasts for economic outlook, attracting fresh foreign investment, opportunities for investing in joint ventures for new deposits, and future planning for IOC’s & NOC’s. Current investment drives from both the major players and a policy standpoint will be addressed, alongside presentations from international experts and leading IOC’s that are currently investing and operating in Peru & Ecuador.


  • 14:15 Chairs opening address
  • 14:20 Case Study
  • 14:40 Vanessa Ruiz Quispe, Specialist in the Ministry of Energy and Mines, ProInversion
  • 15:00 Ryan Elson, CFO Gran Tierra Energy
  • 15:20 Q&A
  • 15:30 Coffee & Networking

Corporate Social Responsibility & Social License

With Peru having over 60 different indigenous groups making up 40% of the population, and Ecuador home to an indigenous population of over 1.1 million people, corporate social responsibility is imperative for operators looking to move forward with operations. This session will address broader themes surrounding corporate social responsibility and social license. Discussion will incorporate best practice standards, greater accountability, and the social, economic & environmental impact of company activities. Resistance from local communities to exploration & development in environmentally and socially sensitive areas, alongside attacks on distribution networks and licenses being given up due to social conflicts, will also be discussed.


  • 15:45 Case Study
  • 16:05 Amal Lee Amin, Chief Climate Change and Sustainability Division, Inter- American Development Bank
  • 16:25 Manuel Navarro, Manager of Environmental & Social Planning, Savia Peru
  • 16:45 Q&A
  • 16:55 End of Day 1

Sessions One and Two

Digitalisation & Innovation

With digitisation changing the face of the oil and gas sector, helping reduce costs, improve efficiency, and enhance safety, this session will explore how digital can help enhance operations in Peru and Ecuador. This session will address key strategies for transforming into a data-driven industry, including where to focus digital efforts, areas for suppliers and contractors to support digital transformation, maximising operational efficiency, and ensuring cohesion across the industry. Particular attention will be paid to using real-time data to improve efficiency, integrated systems and data analytics to reduce downtime, data-driven asset management, and how to use data effectively to enable measured results. Potential benefits of using drones and 3D printing for navigating complex landscapes will also be discussed for improving efficiency and reducing costs compared to the current use of helicopters.


  • 9:25 Chairs opening address
  • 9:30 Augusto Zubillaga, COO, GeoPark
  • 9:50 Case Study
  • 10:10 Martin Grisolle, VP General Manager Peru, Hunt Oil Company
  • 10:30 Case Study
  • 10:50 Q&A
  • 11:00 Coffee & Networking Break


This session will focus on current projects that are looking to improve the midstream infrastructure in Peru and Ecuador. The region’s rainforests and mountainous landscape pose numerous challenges to pipeline construction and maintenance, with pipelines transporting from the jungle to the coast inoperable with frequent leaks & attacks closing the line and halting operations; the Northern Peruvian Oil Pipeline has been halted multiple times in recent years due to oil spills. Key discussion themes will include improving efficiency, reducing costs to operators, new pipeline requirements for accommodating growing demand, reducing high transport cost, and enabling the countries to make to most of their homegrown reserves.


  • 11:45 Case Study
  • 12:05 Jose Antonio de las Heras Alonso, Vice Chairman of the Board TGP Peru
  • 12:25 Case Study
  • 12:45 Q&A
  • 12:55 Lunch & Networking

Sessions Three and Four


Development and commercialization of new projects are becoming increasingly dependent on addressing infrastructure inadequacies. There is potential to increase output substantially, however these projects are reliant upon attracting investors, upgrading older infrastructure and developing infrastructure for new upstream operations. This session will address existing infrastructure inadequacies, strategies for bringing infrastructure up to standard, and government initiatives for reducing infrastructure bottlenecks, alongside future planned initiatives for increasing operations and production.


  • 13:55 Chairs opening address
  • 14:00 Case Study
  • 14:20 Giancarlo Guardia, Planning & Management Control, PeruPetro
  • 14:40 Case Study
  • 15:00 Q&A
  • 15:10 Coffee Break


Oil & gas is one of the biggest contributors to the Peruvian & Ecuadorian economies, helping grow Peru’s GDP by 0.8% annually and accounting for approximately 50% of Ecuador’s export earnings. This session will consider the economic benefits of further developing the oil & gas industry for Peru and Ecuador. Discussion will include job creation, providing power to 100% communities, enhancing local trade, utilising industry revenue for improving local communities, and improving local infrastructure such as hospitals, schools, roads and amenities. The session will also look into possibilities for how Peru can take advantage of its position to be an LNG exporter to Asia and neighbouring countries, and building a petrochemical industry in Peru, thus decreasing reliance upon imports, improving economic growth and improving trade balance.


  • 15:25 Case Study
  • 15:50 Economics Panel Discussion

    Sergio Ricardo Romano, South Amérian Lead, EY

    Marisol Argueta, Head Of Latin America, World Economic Forum
  • 16:30 End of conference


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