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Asbjørn Tonstad

Asbjørn Tonstad

Asbjørn Tonstad is CTO in Cegal, a global provider of hybrid cloud solutions, software and consultancy within IT, geoscience and data management for oil and gas. He is responsible for executing on Cegal's product development and strategy for Cloud and Geoscience products.

Before assuming the position as CTO, he has held several positions within business development, solution architecture and design, and infrastructure in Cegal and other companies. During his more than 25 years’ experience from the IT industry he has also been a founder of a tech company, and he holds more than 15 technical certifications within Microsoft, VMware and Citrix technologies.

Asbjørn has an entrepreneurial mind set and is driven by a mix of strategic, technical and customer facing work. He has broad professional competence and business understanding and is an experienced public speaker.

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