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Daniel Michilini Carocha

Daniel Michilini Carocha

# 22-years’ experience as transformation leader at multinational companies in multi sectors (consulting, energy, consumer products, aviation, electronics);
# Architect of disruptive innovation: Ability to challenge conventional approaches;
# Multilevel systemic thinking: Always having a comprehensive posture, involving collaboration with other organizations, such as academia and public authorities;
# Inclusion of stakeholders: Ability to include stakeholders in the entire transformation process, and not just consider them during stakeholder management;
# Long-term thinking: Always setting audacious goals and taking actions aimed at achieving them
# Creative and entrepreneur with 5 startups founded, with Innovation awards: Hazard Prevention Wearable Device – IOT/AI project - 2018;

# Board Member at Pangeia.eco; Digital Innovation Strategist | Energy Transition Enthusiast | Eco revolutionary | Lean Six Sigma MBB | Society 5.0, ESG & Stakeholder Capitalism thinker
# Head of Tech&Trend (Digital innovation, R&D and ESG) Committee at NBCC - Norwegian Brazilian Chamber of Commerce;
# Frequent speaker - Digital events & forums;
# Invited Professor of Lean Six Sigma/Data Science for Complex Problem Solving at UFRJ-COPPE;

# Education: Industrial/Production Engineering Bsc., MBA in Energy

Personnel achievements (volunteering):
# Led the “Critical factors, challenges and barriers for Lean Six Sigma applications in governments” study, sent to Brazil president, Dilma Roussef in 2017;
# Led the “Brazil Digital Program 2019-22”, presented to Brazil President Jair Bolsonaro and his team recommending strategic actions based on the best world cases (Estonia, Australia and UK) in Sep 2018;
# Led the project: “MEC 2030: Brazil Education change for the future through Blockchain and MOOC technologies”, presented to the Brazil Minister of Education, Abraham Weintraub and his staff in Jul 2019;
# Digital, Innovation & AI/Society 5.0/ESG Volunteer Advisor at Brazil Civil Office of the Presidency in 2020

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