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Dr Lyuba Alboul

Dr Lyuba Alboul

Dr Lyuba Alboul is a Senior Research Fellow at the Industry and Innovation Research Institute, and a lecturer at the Department of Engineering and Mathematics, Sheffield Hallam University. Lyuba has been conducting research on the interface of various scientific domains.

She has been awarded over 15 research grants (both personal and as a member of consortia) from local and international funding bodies in Russia, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain and the UK. Among those are EPSRC, EU, MoD, STW/ NWO (Analogue of EPSRC in the Netherlands), and CNR (Analogue of EPSRC in Italy) on subjects in Mathematics, Computing, 3D modelling, Robotics and AI.

Her current research interests involve the interplay of discrete and continuous representation of reality, perception and interaction with real and virtual worlds, by both humans and machines.  Dr Alboul (together with Dr Nisiotis) is currently developing a new type of eco-systems that encompasses both physical and virtual environments, including real and artificial agents and elements, capable of interacting dynamically with, reflecting and influencing each other and with the interactions engendered by human behaviour. 

The system can contribute to the digital transformation of a wide range of domains.

Lyuba is also involved in a locally funded project ‘Inclusive Robotics’, which is a joint project with the University of Sheffield. The project focusses on how to improve Inclusivity in Robotics Design.

She is a member (external) of the supervisory board for the EU-funded project, CybSpeed project: EU MSCA-RISE-2017 -2021 (Cyber-Physical Systems for PEdagogical Rehabilitation in Special EDucation).

She is a guest editor for the journal 'Frontiers in Robotics and AI', for the topic ‘Emerging Technologies for Assistive Robotics: Current Challenges and Perspectives’

Lyuba is a member of EUCog - European Association for Cognitive Systems and a member of IEEE.

Lyuba is also a member of the IEEE Digital Reality steering committee and a member the Immersive Learning Research Network.


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