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Ernesto López Anadón

Ernesto López Anadón

Ernesto A. López Anadón is President at the Argentinean Oil and Gas Institute.

Ha has an Industrial and Petroleum Engineering degree from Universidad of Buenos Aires (UBA).

He has been Gas Business Development and Marketing General Manager at Repsol YPF; and was responsible for the company’s growing gas business as well as other projects. Earlier, he held several managerial positions at renowned oil companies, including Astra, Hughes Tool Co, Mega, Metrogas, Refinor and Pluspetrol Energy.

Chairman at the International Gas Union (IGU) from 2006 to 2009; ha has also been Chairman at the World Gas Conference held in Buenos Aires in 2009, Chairman at the LNG Congress held in Algeria in 2010, and Chairman at the Natural Gas Research Conference held in Seoul in 2011. He has been elected and reelected President of the IAPG many times.

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