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Michele Nati

Michele Nati
Michele Nati, PhD, Lead Tech Analyst and Personal Data Lead at IOTA Foundation Dr. Michele Nati is Lead Tech Analyst and Personal Data Lead at IOTA Foundation. As Lead Tech Analyst he is responsible to drive innovation in Global Trade and Supply Chains, through adoption of DLTs. He is responsible of managing technical relations with partners, establish architecture of proof of concepts, managing governance of collaborations, deriving industry best practices, inform standardisation activities, core technology development and contribute to identify new research opportunities. As Personal Data Lead is working to define IOTA strategy for innovation activities in the User Data realm. Before joining the IOTA Foundation, Michele worked as Lead Technologist for Digital Trust at Digital Catapult. He worked on a number of projects and initiatives to increase transparency and individuals control on how personal data are collected and shared. He championed the introduction of a standardized Personal Data Receipt and corresponding provisioning and management framework, to increase transparency, track personal data sharing transactions and provide General Data Protection Regulation compliance. To date, Michele matured over 15 years of research and development in Wireless Sensor Networks and Internet of Things, both in Academia and SMEs. During his academic career, he was Senior Research Fellow at ICS, University of Surrey, leading a number of European Projects on Internet of Things, including SocIoTal (http://sociotal.eu) and IoT-Lab (http://www.iotlab.eu), on which he worked on privacy issues in mobile phone sensing and crowdsensing area.