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Mohammed A. Al-Ghazal

Mohammed A. Al-Ghazal
Mohammed A. Al-Ghazal is an Operations Supervisor with Saudi Aramco. He is part of a team that is responsible for upstream operations in Saudi Arabia. His expertise covers upstream exploration and production, modern information control models, value chain, energy outlook, digital transformation, technology, inspection and certification and health, safety, security and environment (HSSE). He has been involved with several projects, including those addressing corrosion and scale mitigation, real-time downhole monitoring, open hole horizontal multistage technology, aerated mud drilling, pressurized mud cap drilling, integrated cyber and physical security, logical information control modeling, environment friendly fluids, machine learning, big data, safety instrumented systems, conformance control and artificial lift. He has published numerous Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) papers and peer-reviewed technical journal articles as well as multiple in-house technical reports and guidelines. In recognition of Mohammed’s contributions, he is the recipient of several awards and honors