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Professor Katherine Royse

Professor Katherine Royse
Professor Katherine Royse is the Science Director for GeoAnalytics and Modelling at the British Geological Survey (BGS). GeoAnalytics and Modelling (GAM) Directorate adds value and impact to BGS data assets through the application of predictive analytics, geospatial modelling, machine learning, and data fusion methodologies. We aim to provide a one-stop-shop delivering high end research through to market ready products, technology and services. We maintain, enhance and develop BGS national datasets (products), ensuring accessibility, re-usability and visibility of all BGS commercial and open data products and services. Our vision is to be recognised as a centre of excellence for data centred geoscience research, innovation and commercialisation. Most recently Katherine has lead on the implementation of lean management processes to data product and service development. In 2017 the directorate was recognised by the Praxisunico/RCUK Impact awards for its novel approach to innovation and commercialisation of geoscience information. Katherine sits on NERCs Innovation Advisory board where she developed NERC innovation strategy and provides advice on how best to translate environmental knowledge and data into new value adding approaches, tools and solutions. Katherine is Secretary for professional matters of the Geological Society of London responsible for the promotion of professional excellence and ethical standards in earth sciences.