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Stephen Voller

Stephen Voller

Stephen Voller is a Chartered Engineer and a recognised authority on green hydrogen, ammonia, fuel cells, renewable energy systems, energy storage technologies, batteries, and supercapacitors. He is the author of 100+ patents and inventor of Carbon-Ion that uses nanomaterials such as graphene with ionic electrolytes to improve the performance of supercapacitors. Stephen has been instrumental in raising over $300m for technology businesses through concept, design and then into production (Angel, Seed, Series A and Series B). He has established new manufacturing in China, strategic partnerships in Japan and the Middle East, opened new offices in the United States (including at the NASA John F. Kennedy Space Center) and set-up joint ventures (JV) around the world. He launched the first ever CE-marked hydrogen fuel cell product. After graduating with a Batchelors of science B.Sc (hons) degree from the University of Leeds, he trained as a systems engineer with IBM. He is a member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE) and is a Freeman of the Guild of Entrepreneurs in the City of London. Stephen is also an affiliate member of the Royal Society of Chemistry and a Parish Councillor.

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