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Vinay Mulgundmath

Vinay Mulgundmath

Vinay is a Chartered Chemical Engineer with 15+ years of experience in providing benchmarked global solutions tailored for local environments across the low carbon energy generation sector. Prior to joining OGTC, Vinay led the Business Development team for the low carbon power generation sector at Doosan Babcock (UK) and served as a Research Scientist in Heavy Oil & Oilsands division at Alberta Research Council, Canada.

As Chief Technologist, Vinay is focused on nurturing the next generation of net zero technologies by leveraging fundamental research expertise provided by higher educational institutions and maximising collaborative research with industry, thereby positioning OGTC as a lead research and technology organisation for delivering UK's 2050 targets.

Vinay has previously served as a Board member of Scottish Energy Advisory group (SEAB), chaired by the First Minister. He is a Non-Executive Advisor to Energy Technology Partnership (ETP), the largest power and energy research partnership between academia, government and industry in Europe. Vinay is also an Advisory Board member at Scottish Carbon Capture & Storage (SCCS), the largest CCS research group in the UK.

Vinay holds a PhD degree in post-combustion carbon capture technologies from the University of Ottawa, Canada, a MSc degree in Process Engineering (in French) from ENSGTI, France, a BEng degree in Chemical engineering from Bangalore University, India and has published eight journal papers.

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