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Carbon8 Systems Ltd

Carbon8 Systems Ltd

Carbon8 Systems is the world leader in the utilisation and permanent capture of carbon dioxide in industrial residues and contaminated soils. Formed in 2006 and a spin-out from the University of Greenwich, Carbon8 Systems has successfully put its patented Accelerated Carbonisation Technology (ACT) into commercial operation to create the world’s first carbon-negative aggregate. Through an exclusive licence in the UK for treatment Air Pollution Control Residues the company has overseen the construction of three fully commercial plants the first of which was commissioned in 2012. Carbon8 Systems now wishes to use the technology for other waste streams and take the technology international. The company has won a number of prestigious awards including the Queen’s award for enterprise- innovation in April 2017 and appears as a case study in the recently published BEIS CCUS Taskforce report.

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