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Geomec Engineering has developed stimulation technology which extracts additional oil from existing wells. In addition, we deliver supervised monitoring and analysis software for disposal wells.

Geomec is also commercializing a serviced-software for optimizing water pressure-support. This is realised through a Demo 2000 project together with leading NCS and UKCS operators and regulators.

This new technology obtains enhanced and accurate real-time information, about the subsurface (well & reservoir) response to well-specific changes during an injection operation.

The result is a significant increase of injection-efficiency (by 15-20%) compared to industrial standards, leading to an increase in the ultimate oil recovery (by 5-10%) across the NCS & UKCS.

By reducing the operational time, decreasing the dependency on peripherals, and preventing subsurface injection leakages, the Geomec solution has a positive cost and safety impact.

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