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Proton Ventures

Proton Ventures

 Since 2001, when Proton Ventures took the first steps to where we are today, our technical and geographical evolution has been constant. Today, 20 years since it was set up in the Rotterdam port area to manage a large ammonia terminal project, Proton Ventures is now an extraordinarily diversified company, with offices around the world, and projects in Europe, U.S. and Middle East.


Our commitment to the client, developing and establishing projects together with our clients pursuing a common goal, the importance of the personal and the professional development of all those working in the stakeholder and our teams, contributing to the common goals are the foundations of the pillars that support our present and, without a doubt, future trajectory.


Many things have changed in the world and many things have changed in Proton, while our core values and our personal commitment to transform the planet by the establishment of ammonia as the new energy carrier have remained unchanged.



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