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Tachyus provides software solutions that enable near real-time reservoir optimization using proprietary Data Physics technology. Data Physics models are super quick, data-driven models that solve traditional reservoir physics equations (the same partial differential equations used in numerical simulators  e.g. Einstein’s conservation of energy, heat & mass balance equations, Darcy’s Law for fluid flow, Kelvins laws of thermodynamics etc.) using machine learning and artificial intelligence techniques. Our software solutions empower engineers to improve IOR/EOR operations by monitoring and optimizing injection distribution in real-time, identifying optimal infill drilling locations, diagnosing surveillance exceptions, and more. Engineering teams around the world have used our software products across 25+ CSS, steamflood, and waterflood fields using data from over 20,000+ wells to realize an average production increase of ~16%, and every customer has realized hundreds of % return on investment (ROI)


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