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The Solent Cluster

The Solent Cluster

The Solent Cluster partnership represents a once-in-a-generation opportunity to affect real change in energy production and consumption, and make a significant contribution towards the UK's Net Zero ambitions.

This cross-sector collaboration of organisations includes global manufacturing and engineering companies, regional businesses and industries, leading logistics and infrastructure operators, and elite academic institutions. With proven expertise in carbon capture and storage, and hydrogen technology, the cluster will develop sustainable fuels for manufacturing, transportation, aviation and shipping at commercial scale, produce low carbon energy to heat homes, businesses and public buildings, and create thousands of new job opportunities in the technologies of tomorrow . 

The project is developing technical solutions that could store up to 10 million tonnes of CO2 every year, delivering one of the largest potential contributions to net zero of any cluster. It aims to position the Solent at the centre of low carbon fuel production in the UK and make a major contribution to the region's economy. 

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