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Waste & Energy Solutions

Waste & Energy Solutions

1991, starting with the predecessors of the HTCW technology, the over 100 years old Cupola-furnace,

smart Engineers from Eastern Germany saw the potential of a more efficient, cleaner and even easier way of removing waste, without the usual burden of the other technologies back in the 90’s, e.g. incinerators and dumpsites. And without the technical difficulties of e.g. Thermoselect and so many others.

That was not enough: In 2016, WES evolved from an HTCW developing company into an energy and waste-in-general consulting company. By this move, synergies just skyrocketed.

Synergies with solar farms, energy storage systems, CO2-removal technologies, hydrogen production, fertilizer recovery and more.

As CO2-reduction is more than counter-balanced by the increasing energy consumption of a further growing world population, we are taking the next steps to make a difference:

Improved hydrogen production, oxyfuel turbines, carbon capture, micro-grid reliability and the step from CO2-storage to CO2-usage.

Reducing cost of a plant to even further unfreeze money for better efficiencies and CO2-reduction.


WES focusses on developing solutions for waste and/or energy, licensing our patented technologies to customers and supplying all needed services for a successful project execution,


For more information, please check our website at https://wes-htcw.com/.  Or just follow us on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/wes-waste-energy-solutions-gmbh

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