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IBP – Brazilian Petroleum and Gas and Institute

The IBP acts as an institutional representative of the oil and gas sector, it has been working for more than 63 years in favor of the development of a competitive and sustainable industry, generating benefits widely recognized by society.

The Institute works with impartial, non-partisan, transparent practices, in an open and democratic environment, guided by ethics and transparency, where seeks consensus among the various actors in the industry.

In the regulatory and institutional areas, operates in all forums and public hearings where regulation, taxation, and inspection of the sector are discussed. The regulatory agencies and the various levels of government recognize its representativeness, exercised on a technical basis.
The IBP operates comprehensively throughout the oil and gas chain, aiming at the continuous improvement of the industry, on a global scale, promoting the economic and socio-environmental sustainability of the production chain, with diverse, inclusive, socially responsible, and recognized by society.

The institution is supported by five fundamental values, which help to build, organize and solidify the IBP in all its actions: Integrity, leadership, competitiveness, sustainability and commitment to society.

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