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Chris Smith

Chris Smith

Chris Smith, B.Eng (Hons), MBA is the Founder of Kingscote Enterprises Limited (KEL), Founder of Meld Energy and formerly Director of Urban Development for GE UK. With a pedigree of commercial growth spanning 25 years, Chris specialises in the formulation and delivery of solutions to the Cities, energy and efficiency marketplaces, working alongside the public and private sectors. Often engaged by local government, Chris provides advisory and support services to assist in business case definition, project development services and technical / regulatory guidance to align with market. Recent engagements include working with the University of Birmingham examining the business case for hydrogen as a component of city development and developing investment cases for local authorities to invest in net zero projects with a marked increase in activity spurred by the recent climate emergency declarations.

Chris seeks to drive efficiency through joined up decision making and has a passion for new technology, new uses of technology, the power of data and commercial innovation. Chris works is an associate through KEL for Local Partnerships, Anthesis and RINA Consulting with a broad cross industry network.

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