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Martin Bragg

Martin Bragg

Martin has been developing industrial control measurands for many years and is presently responsible for the technology portfolio of Honeywell Process Solutions (“HPS”) Gas and Oil Metering Products and Systems.  Honeywell is active in the market for Gas and Oil transmission, distribution and storage including for individual measurands and terminal automation.  He has designed, developed and implemented metering products and systems in various locations around the world.  Prior to joining Honeywell Martin was the VP Technology for the Elster Group, and prior to that was the Global and Strategic Director for Oil & Gas at GE. 

Martin is an active member of Honeywell’s Mergers & Acquisitions (“M&A”) team where his most recent assignment was to that of a $5.1Billion M&A Integration being aligned across two Honeywell Strategic Business Groups at corporate level.  In his tenure at HPS the business has grown both organically and through strategic M&A’s in excess of $1.4Billion in enhancing customers’ deliverables.

He is a member of the BSI, ISO, and AGA technical committees for flow and was sponsored through his MSc by The Royal Academy of Engineering, London, who administered the Panasonic Trust.  He holds an MBA that was focused on Strategy within the Private Sector.  He is Six-Sigma certified and has driven lean manufacturing within two global technology businesses.

He is a member of the Institute of Directors and member of a number of professional Institutes plus a Fellow of the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining.  He has worked with Universities in Knowledge Transfer Partnerships where he established a Research Chair and further sponsored five (5) PhD students within our industry.