“ With the second largest shale gas reserves in the world still largely untapped, a developing offshore industry, and a host of majors moving forward with large-scale investments, the oil and gas industry in Argentina looks more promising than ever. ”

With Argentina positioning itself as the most attractive prospect for shale development outside of North America, accelerating production and the mass development of resources have taken centre stage. As a new licensing round takes shape, providing a wealth of opportunities for IOC’s and NOC’s, the offshore market in Argentina also offers a huge amount of promise. With innovative technologies to enable enhanced oil recovery coming onto the market and technological advancements working to improve yield and reduce production costs, the industry is moving from strength to strength.

The Argentina Oil & Gas Summit will serve as a platform to discuss the vast developments taking place across the industry and the growing opportunities the country has to offer across the Unconventional, Conventional & Offshore sectors. Encouraging increased international dialogue, partnerships for growth, investment, the importance of data & digitalisation and taking a strategic look at the supply chain, the Summit will provide a forum to discuss this expanding market.  

Sessions One and Two

Session 1 - Policy & Future Outlook

With energy outlook firmly guiding government strategy, this session will focus upon the latest policy developments shaping the future direction of the Argentine oil and gas industry. Discussion will consider government forecasts, addressing Argentina’s energy deficit, strategic partnerships, upcoming licensing rounds, sustainability and climate mitigation, and expanding the domestic and global market for Argentine oil and gas. Attention will also be paid to ongoing challenges such as land ownership & mineral rights issues, and their impact upon development within Vaca Muerta.


  • 9:00 Chair Opening Address Daniel Rellan, Director Oil a& Gas IAPG
  • 9:05 Javier Iguacel, Minister for Energy Argentina
  • 9:30 Paul Bizzotto, EVP Upstream, YPF
  • 9:50 Province & Governor Panel discussion

    Omar Gutierrez, The Governor of Neuquén

    Alfredo Cornejo The Governor of Mendoza

    Mariano Arcioni, The Governor of Chubut
  • 10:30 Main Sponsor
  • 10:50 Q&A
  • 11:00 Coffee Break

Session 2 - Operators Results and Future Plans

With an increasing number of majors now operating in Argentina, this session will focus upon operational performance. Discussion will include results from recent operations, future planned operations and operators plans for investment within Vaca Muerta. Operational challenges, strategy and predictions moving forward will all be addressed.


  • 11:45 Shaun Rooney Vice President, Shell
  • 12:05 Case Study
  • 12:25 Dominique Marion , Managing Director, Total Austral
  • 12:45 Case Study
  • 13:05 Q&A
  • 13:15 Lunch
Sessions Three and Four

Session 3 - Investment & Economics

With increasing economic liberalization within Argentina this session will consider investment trends from both domestic and international perspectives. Emphasis will be placed upon reversing negative trends in investment, forecasts for economic outlook, strengthening investor confidence, attracting foreign investment, the move to commercialise Vaca Muerta’s reserves, future planning for IOC’s & NOC’s, and the need for foreign capital. Current investment drives from both the major players and a policy standpoint will be addressed, alongside attracting foreign investment from leading IOC’s that can bring a wealth of experience as well as investment to Argentina. As opportunities within unconventionals progress so to do the possibilities for expanding Argentina’s petrochemical industry. With development of Vaca Muerta increasing the potential for steady feedstock supply, Argentina has the possibility of moving from importer to exporter in petrochemical products, as was witnessed in the US. This session will consider new petrochemical projects developing out of Argentina’s unconventional sector, lessons learnt from the US model and bringing down the cost of gas, alongside expanding Argentina’s petrochemical industry.


  • 14:15 Chair Opening Address
  • 14:20 Dolores Brizuela,, Latin America Commercial Director, Dow Chemicals
  • 14:40 Case Study
  • 15:00 Juan Cruz Diaz, Managing Director Cefidas Group
  • 15:20 Q&A
  • 15:30 Coffee Break

Session 4 - Supply Chain, Skills & Workforce Developments

Labour and workforce have remained consistent challenges in the development of Argentina’s energy industry. This session will focus upon recent developments within labour unions, prospects for establishing a home-grown fully trained workforce, and reducing costs of importing contractors from overseas. Supply chain optimisation through the adoption of industry-wide standards and processes, alongside the importance of collaboration to draw upon the expertise of international partners to help build a fully functioning supply chain in Argentina will also be discussed.


  • 15:45 Case Study
  • 16:00 Sebastian Sanchez Trolliet, Chief Procurement Officer, YPFs
  • 16:20 Case Study
  • 16:40 Tom Murphy, Director, Marcellus Center for Outreach & Research
  • 17:00 Q&A
  • 17:10 End of Day 1
Sessions One and Two

Session 1 - Digitalisation & Operational Efficiency

Digital transformation stands as one of the greatest fundamental changes to the oil & gas industry globally. As Argentina moves to further establish its energy industry embracing digitalisation is of vital importance. This session will address key strategies for transforming into a data-driven industry, including where to focus digital efforts, areas for suppliers and contractors to support digital transformation, and ensuring cohesion across the industry. With costs currently standing as one of the greatest hurdles to the development of Argentina’s energy sector, digital transformation also offers opportunities to maximise operational efficiency. Particular attention will be paid to using real-time data to improve efficiency, integrated systems and data analytics to reduce downtime, data-driven asset management, and how to use data effectively to enable measured results.


  • 9:05 Chair Opening Address
  • 9:10 Javier Vallesi, COO, Phoenix Global Resources
  • 9:50 Danny Massacese, COO, Pan American Energy
  • 9:50 Horacio Marin, Managing Director Exploration & Production, Tecpetrol
  • 10:10 Halliburton Case Study
  • 10:30 Main Sponsor
  • 10:50 Q&A
  • 11:00 Coffee & Networking Break

Session 2 - Infrastructure

Addressing the infrastructure gap is critical to enabling the development of Argentina’s energy industry. With many essential infrastructures posing distinct challenges in Argentina, rectifying such problems is key to encouraging greater investment and future growth in the industry. This session will address existing infrastructure initiatives alongside vital developments needed across the sector including transportation, distribution and logistics.


  • 11:45 Case Study
  • 12:05 Emiliano Bizzari , National Director of Transportation, Communications and Technology Projects, Ministry of Finance
  • 12:25 Case Study
  • 12:45 Q&A
  • 13:00 Lunch & Networking
Session Three

Session 3 - Technology Workshops

The day will conclude with a series of technology and innovation workshops focussing on the latest developments from across the industry: . Environmental Workshop Conventional/ EOR Workshop Offshore Workshop Digital transformation Workshop


  • 14:00 Environmental Workshop – Waste Water Treatment & Emissions

    With waste water treatment and disposal remaining critical issues for the industry, this workshop will address the latest developments being made within the treatment of fracked water. Discussion will consider new technologies and processes for treatment of flow-back water onsite, reducing freshwater usage, recycling water, treatment fluids, and reducing fluid additives.
  • 14:00 Conventional Workshop – EOR

    With an increasing number of mature wells reaching the end of their life-span, Enhanced Oil Recovery is taking centre stage. This workshop will consider the latest developments within EOR for extending the life of existing assets.
  • 14:00 Offshore Workshop

    With Argentina in the midst of an offshore licencing round, this workshop will focus on the latest technological advancements shaping offshore exploration.
  • 14:00 Digital Transformation Workshop

    With digilitilisation changing the face of the oil and gas sector you hear from industry experts in AI, IoT, drones a& robotics
  • 16:00 Conference Finish
All speakers are invited unless stated confirmed
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