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With the UK set to leave the European Union, energy security and reducing carbon emissions are top agenda items for both the UK government and the UK economy. The UK onshore oil and gas industry is in a prominent position to be part of this shift, lower carbon emissions, boost economic growth, and aid energy security.


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With the UK set to leave the European Union, energy security and reducing carbon emissions are top agenda items for both the UK government and the UK economy. The UK onshore oil and gas industry is in a prominent position to be part of this shift, lower carbon emissions, boost economic growth, and aid energy security. The UK Onshore Gas & Oil Summit will address the latest developments and opportunities emerging from across the oil and gas sector, with a key focus upon redefining the industry as a solution to meeting emissions targets. Key discussion themes will include net-zero carbon emission targets by 2050, policy developments, operator plans moving forward, challenges faced, and opportunities for local communities. Technical sessions will be incorporated on day two to help enhance and improve operations for the upcoming 12 to 18 months. Key areas of technical focus will include waste water treatment & disposal, reservoir characterisation and well optimisation. Attended by UK operators, central and local government, leading academia and solution providers, the summit will bring together stakeholders from across the value chain, promote cross-industry collaboration, and aid the development of this evolving sector.


Sessions One and Two

Future of the UK Onshore Oil and Gas Sector

As the UK shifts toward a low carbon future, the onshore oil and gas sector is set to undergo a period of redefinition. With net-zero carbon emissions targets set for 2050 discussion is shifting toward how the fossil fuel industry can now become part of the solution to meeting emissions targets. This session will evaluate the latest developments from across the industry, with particular focus on shifting the fossil fuel industry narrative from one of problem to low carbon solution. The session will also review the successful initial exploration phase and the impact for this upon UK policy and energy security, the role for onshore oil and gas as a home-grown energy source, and discussion of field development plans moving forward.


  • 9:05 Chairs opening address Ken Cronin, CEO, UKOOG
  • 9:10 RT Chris Skidmore, Minister of State for Energy and Clean Growth
  • 9:30 Francis Egan, CEO, Cuadrilla Resources
  • 9:50 Steve Sanderson, CEO, UKOG
  • 10:10 Natascha Engel, Partner, Public First
  • 10:30 Main Sponsor
  • 10:50 Q&A
  • 11:00 Networking break

Operator Results & Future Plans

This session will address operational results from the last 12 months. Discussion will focus upon results from recent test wells and the quality of recoverable gas. Predicted recoverable quantities will also be reviewed alongside the impact this could hold for the UK economy.


  • 11:45 Ross Glover, Development Director, Igas
  • 12:05 Case Study
  • 12:25 Ian Roche, Managing Director Aurora Energy Resources
  • 12:45 Case Study
  • 13:05 Q&A
  • 13:15 Lunch & Networking

Sessions Three and Four

Sustainable Developments & Decarbonisation of Gas

This session will play will address how gas can be used a transition fuel to the UK zero bet carbon emissions target to ensure of a sustainable energy future. It will consider how the UK’s home-grown gas source can provide e a local hydrogen source for Hydrogen Projects in in the North of England. Will also explore the role carbon capture utilisation storage can play to ensure the UK is on track to hit is carbon emissions targets.


  • 14:15 Chairs opening address
  • 14:20 Mark Lappin, Director of Complete Exploration and Development
  • 14:40 Case Study
  • 15:00 Andrew Barron, Chair of Low Carbon Energy and Environment , Swansea university

    Title: Shale gas as the ultimate solution for economically viable carbon sequestration

    The Government's CCUS Cost Challenge Taskforce Report identifies reducing CCUS cost as a critical enabler to achieve carbon reduction. The UK needs to store 180MtCO2/yr to get to 2050 targets. Offshore CO2 storage has no economic driver and technical challenges. Shale can adsorb 3x CO2 molecules per natural gas molecule extracted, suggesting CO2 storage in shale would be ‘carbon negative’. CO2 also displaces natural gas from the shale, improving profitability that more than offsets CCS costs. UK gas reserves are >1300BCF; as such the UK could store >100 billion tons CO2 in excess over associated emissions, with lower transportation costs.
  • 15:20 Case Study
  • 15:40 Q&A
  • 15:50 Networking Break

Economics & Local Level Developments

With the UK undergoing substantial changes to its economic landscape in light of Brexit, the UK now needs to take advantage of its own assets. As many offshore fields in the North Sea now head into decommission, now is the time for the UK to take advantage of the experienced skilled workforce they have on their doorstep. This session will consider the impact of such developments upon the oil and gas industry. Key themes will include workforce changes moving forward, the benefits for aiding the regeneration of local areas, and how the shale gas industry can help to propel the petrochemical sector, agricultural sector and energy intensive industries. This session will also focus upon wider benefits to the UK economy and local level developments. Discussion will include local job opportunities, the Shale Wealth Fund, and community benefit payments for those located near to exploration sites.


  • 16:05 Stuart Fegan, National Lead, GMB
  • 16:30 Caroline Flint MP Don Valley
  • 16:50 Angela Smith MP Penistone & Stocksbridge
  • 17:10 Lorraine Allison
  • 17:20 End of Day One

Sessions One and Two

Well Optimisation and Operational Efficiency

This session will consider the benefits of well stimulation for improving performance and yield, well integrity, and intelligent well completion technologies for reducing operational costs and maximising productivity.


  • 9:25 Chair Geological Society of London
  • 9:30 Alan Linn, COO, Third Energy
  • 9:50 Case Study
  • 10:10 Martin Durham, Exploration Director, Egdon Resources
  • 10:30 Case Study
  • 10:50 Q&A
  • 11:00 Networking Break

Wastewater Treatment and Disposal (1)

With waste water treatment and disposal remaining critical issues for the industry, this session will address the latest developments being made within the treatment of fracked water. Led by a panel of experts, discussion will consider new technologies and processes for treatment of flow-back water onsite, reducing freshwater usage, recycling water, treatment fluids, and reducing fluid additives.


  • 11:45 Case Study
  • 12:10 Panel discussion

    Laura Grant Senior Policy Officer, CIWEM

    Eric Vaughan, Well Engineering Director, Cuadrilla Resources

    Gary Edwards, Senior Advisor, Environment Agency

    Stuart Gilfillan, Senior Lecturer, University of Edinburgh
  • 12:40 Lunch & Networking

Session Three

Reservoir Characterisation

3D & 4D reservoir characterisation have been two of the biggest developments of recent years. This session will discuss the benefits of utilising these new technologies for optimising reservoir performance, enhancing well production and maximising the recovery of hydrocarbons.


  • 13:40 Chair opening address
  • 13:45 Case Study
  • 14:05 Ed Hough, Shale Gas Manager, BGS
  • 14:25 Case Study
  • 14:45 Q&A
  • 14:55 Closing Remarks
  • 15:00 End of Conference


All speakers are invited unless stated confirmed

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